We work In Unison to find the Right Plan, Right Path, And The Right Solution to ensure you Find success.

What We Are

Where the left brain meets the right, there lies the inFRONT Agency; We are a full-service agency that partners with our clients focused on business growth through strategy, execution, and intelligence. We build authentic trust with sincerity, skill, and reliability.

We take pride in our ability to work with a variety of clients and projects that range from A through Z and everything in-between. We believe in nurturing a solid partnership with our clients, asking the right questions, and working in unison to ensure success.


What We Do

Our strategy, when approaching a new client relationship, begins with a discovery call to better understand the project and the client’s goal. We then draft a proposal, a strategic plan, and create a few sample pieces to advance discussions and raise new expectations.

We don’t just theorize a strategy, we refine it with client interaction, execute, and stand behind it. We believe success is best through doing and improving. Through close client partnership and a fluid business model, we are ready to pivot as the marketplace never stands in one spot. 

Using the latest intelligent tools plays a significant factor in the next step of client success. We cultivate client & industry data while leaning on years of intuition to build actionable data processes to educate ourselves as to what the target audience desires and how to stay on-brand with messaging are top success factors.


We unleash inFRONT Agency’s full-scope in360˚ approach on all of our projects ranging from innovative start-ups, established companies, and everything else in-between.

At inFRONT, we believe in diving deep into each project, working with excellent talent, and focusing on the client, not just the project or product.

We are a dedicated group committed to working as one with our clients, being bold, forward-thinking, and advancing their strategic goals.

Our Team

inFRONT Stresses Inclusivity & Flexibility, Where The Result Is Always To See Our Clients' Succeed.

Profile Picture

MK Hicks

CRO | Partner

MK, BSEE, T-bird MIM with a focus on Marketing & Finance, has decades of experience with successful start-ups and a tireless desire to lead programs from start to a prosperous completion.

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Lawrence Garrigan

CMO | Partner

With over 25-years in Creative Marketing & Advertising, Lawrence continues to have a strong drive to create, promote, and see a product or program materialize into a successful venture.

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Extended Team

Secret Sauce

inFRONT Agency has an outstanding team of GIG contractors who team with us on various projects as needed. They have our trust and respect and will soon earn yours.

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